Architects Win Turner Prize by Tackling Urban Regeneration


At BSBA we take every opportunity to help improve housing and deliver the required physical and economic regeneration through housing programmes. So we were delighted with the news that an Architect’s collective became the first “non-artists” to win the prestigious Turner Prize with an urban regeneration project. Not only does the project demonstrate the creativity of good architects but highlights the need to tackle urban dereliction, to increase quality of life by using art and design which improves physical and social environments.

We think it is so important when designing new developments to liaise with local residents and businesses in order to create a sociable, safe and thriving local community which maintains the integrity and unique characteristics of the local area. Assemble have achieved this by not only renovating 10 houses but also the empty shops in the local area, creating a retail hub full of social and creative enterprises and community organisations. By expanding the local street market, assemble are, “sowing the seed for the re-establishment of shops and businesses.”

Assemble draw on long traditions of artistic and collective initiatives to offer an alternative to how societies can work. We hope that it’s the start of many similar projects in the future.


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